TBC RING is an amazing portable fire pit that you can take with you anywhere. Didn’t think campfires could get any better? Add more fun to your camping trips, scouting events, cookouts, and family gatherings with the TBC Ring!    SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR SOME OF OUR EXISTING DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM

The Idea of the TBC ring originated at the Michigan International Speedway in 2006

Founder, Scott Merchant, watched as his fellow campers packed their belongings after the weekend.

“As they loaded their charred fire rings into their vehicles and R.V.’s, I could only wonder what kind of a mess that would leave behind”

 The campers were experiencing struggles of not having enough room to store their fire rings, as well as dealing with the mess it was creating. The question he asked himself was, “How else could a fire ring be usable and still travel well?”

From there, The Best Campfire Ring was born. Scott designed the panels from thick steel that could be assembled and taken apart without tools and could wisely be stored in the comfort of its own travel bag. Allowing for tidy, convenient storage.

I know you’ll be satisfied with the TBC Fire Ring!”

Scott Merchant

Founder and President
Ithaca Manufacturing Corp

The TBC Ring is constructed of portable steel panels, which can be customized with different images on each panel. The portable design makes it appealing to all camping enthusiasts.

Hook Together 4 to 8 TBC panels to create the perfect size fire ring for your needs. Adjustable to fit your fire location and party size.

The TBC Ring makes a terrific addition for the person who has everything. Personalizing the TBC Ring creates a unique and thoughtful gift for weddings, birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

TBC Fire Ring

Buy 6 panels and get…

-6  Steel Panels 11 gauge (19 ½” x 9”)

-1 sturdy travel bag

*Travel bag can be purchased separate.

TBC Ring Panels

Panels are made out of 11 gauge corten weathering steel. This steel was developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to weather and heat.


This gallery contains some of the designs we already have created in our library. We are able to build custom designs for a small fee – please contact us for more information!