Ithaca Manufacturing offers a wide range of metal-working services for all your needs.  We are a full-service fabrication shop.

Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting

Our 300A Hypertherm XPR Plasma produces industry leading cut quality. Machine cutting capabilities are: mild steel from .018” – 3”, stainless steel from .036” – 3” and aluminum from .036” -2”. The tube plasma can cut square, rectangular, round tubing, and pipe up to 8” X 8” square and 10-3/4” round, with a max weight 1,200 pounds. The plasma system also offers superior bevel cutting, as well as etching. In addition, we can also use this machine to create custom intricate designs.

Bevel Cutting / Etching

We are able to finish any type of project with quality etching processes. We do this using our Plasma cutter.


Ithaca Manufacturing is here to help make your idea a production ready item. We work diligently to understand our customers’ needs, including which materials and manufacturing techniques will be best for your product. We are a full service steel fabrication business that will assist in solving any issues that our customers may face.


Ithaca Manufacturing offers all phases of manufacturing from design through final build. We have a skilled and talented team that produces the highest quality of work, keeping our customers returning.


Ithaca Manufacturing’s welding capabilities include: SMAW (ARC), GMAW (MIG) and GTAW (TIG).
Our team is experienced with projects using mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, high manganese and monel. From 24GA sheet steel to 3” thick plate, we have welded it.


Keyways, drilling and tapping are all done in house.

Sheet Bending

We have a 60 ton Precision Accurpress with CNC back gauge for repeatable bends.

Plate Bending

Need a steel plate bent into a specific shape for your project?  We are able to bend metals of various thicknesses and types.

Pipe Bending

We are able to bend a ½” to 3” pipe according to your needs.

Light Wall Tubing and Rectangular Tube Bending

Our computer-controlled tube bending machine is able to make precise bends to your specifications.


Our engineering team has over 30 years experience in product design, with experience in hydraulics, motion control, and machine design. We can help solve any design issues you may have.


We offer our design services at little to no cost in the hope that we can develop a long term manufacturing relationship.

In most cases you stop in with an idea and we develop a buildable print from your idea.

With that print, we can then quote you what it would cost to produce your product.

Next Steps…

There are many things we are able to design, and build, please contact us for more information, or request a quote.